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If your mind is pure
all buddha-lands are pure.
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If Light is in your heart,
You will find your way home
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Recharge, Strengthen, Awaken
with Yoga & Meditation
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River of Faith
Tour of Banaras India
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Power of Prayer
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Practice yoga with
Indian yogi

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Most Popular Spiritual Destinations

Spiritual Places to visit in India

Welcome To The Spiritual Nomads

Spiritual journeys are explorations of both a Destinations and the inner self. That much needed getaway to rejuvenate the spirit can be a pilgrimage according to a religious belief system, a meditation or yoga retreat, a spa vacation or a stay at a resort center which offers a chance to learn new relaxation techniques. Take a break from your fast paced life and treat yourself to that long awaited adventure just for you.
India is famous as a spiritual nation. For this reason, many places in India are known as Spiritual Destinationss forming the Spiritual places in India. Every region of India has its own spiritual Destinationss to offer. In case you want to experience the religious fervor, and witness the enthusiasm and amazing feats accomplished by ardent devotees in the name of God, you could undertake a tour during the peak seasons, at the time of special festivals.
We, at the Spiritual nomads, bring you the opportunity to be part of this incredible sense of spirituality through our unique Spiritual Tours of India. These tours can even be undertaken by atheists, agnostics, or even nature lovers, for they entail traveling through some of the most beautiful countryside in India. Read more..

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